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Week #2


  • Please complete student contact form.

  • Please ask parents to complete parent contact form.

  • Sign up for

  • Sketchbook - Curiosity pages (1 hour)

  • Please complete "Art Team" surveys after critiques are finished.

  • Decide on purchases for Q1 projects for our Wednesday trip to plaza

  • Decide on Fine Arts or Commercial Arts path.

  • Please apply to one of the "opportunities">>>

Day 1

  • Spotlight Artist: Shirin Nashat

  • Review of weekly agenda

  • Summer Project Critique day 3

  • Art team surveys

  • Introduction of Fine Arts vs. Commericial Arts path

  • Get work ready to hang- Take upstairs

  • Begin planning next work

  • Assign trays/cubbies/shelves

Day 2

  • Plaza Art trip- Q1 supplies.

  • Review sketchbook and website expectations

Day 3

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