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Spotlight Artist: Audrey Flack- Photorealism

Marilyn (Vanitas)


Oil over acrylic on canvas

8’ x 8’


Audrey L. Flack (born May 30, 1931) is an American artist. Her work pioneered the art genre of photorealism and encompasses painting, sculpture, and photography.

Audrey Flack is best known for her photo-realist paintings and was one of the first artists to use photographs as the basis for painting.[6] The genre, taking its cues from Pop Art, incorporates depictions of the real and the regular, from advertisements to cars to cosmetics. Flack's work brings in everyday household items like tubes of lipstick, perfume bottles, Hispanic Madonnas, and fruit.[6] These inanimate objects often disturb or crowd the pictorial space, which are often composed as table-top still lives. Flack often brings in actual accounts of history into her photorealist paintings, such as World War II' (Vanitas) and Kennedy Motorcade. Women were frequently the subject of her photo-realist paintings.[6]


Read/view the following resources and take good notes:


Jolie Madame, 1972 National Gallery Australia, Canberra ​Courtesy Louis K. Meisel Gallery/New York, © Audrey Flack
Jolie Madame, 1972 National Gallery Australia, Canberra ​Courtesy Louis K. Meisel Gallery/New York, © Audrey Flack

Video - Watch this video and take good notes (you can stop @ 10:12, although you may be interested to keep going):

Essential Questions -

AFTER CAREFULLY REVIEWING THE RESOURCES ASSIGNED ABOVE: Answer the following questions completely and with specificity to the provided resources, notes taken, personal reflection, and additional research as needed. Make sure to consider how this information is relevant to your current work and practice.

  1. Define each of the following terms: Allegory, Appropriation, Juxtaposition, Kitsch, Oeuvre, and Old Master.

  2. What are the "rules" that Audrey Flack broke? (Note: There are several).

  3. Both the article and the video covered A LOT of ground... What have you come away with in terms of new or reinforced knowledge, inspiration, curiosity, thoughts, questions, etc.?


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