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Spotlight Artist: Middle East - Persian Art

Persian miniature, The Arrival of the Messenger (Prince), Painting mounted on illuminated margin,  Ink, watercolour and gold on paper and cardboard, Painting : Late 16th century, Margins : c. 1880

Reading Material- Please read the article below.

Download PDF • 6.47MB

Bonus Video

Shirin Neshat - Art in Exile

Essential Questions - Please read the Scholastic Arts magazine prior to answering these questions.

  1. Nazgol Ansarinla's traditional hand-woven Persian carpet "Rhyme & Reason," how does the artist incorporate modern scenes of daily Iranian life with traditional symbols?

  2. What historical event inspired the Iranian Revolution in 1978, and what were some of the consequences of this revolution on Persian culture and society? How did this impact Shirin Neshat's work?

  3. How does Farhad Moshiri's artwork "Mobile Talker" symbolize the clash between modern technology and traditional culture, and what artistic techniques does he employ in creating this piece?

  4. Discuss the concept of "Modeling Against Flat" in the article, particularly in relation to the horse depicted. How does the artist create a three-dimensional appearance on the horse, and what visual effect does the golden-colored flat background contribute to the overall scene?


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