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Week #3


  • Lunchtime Lecture: Thursday in the blackbox- Molly Cook O'Neal- MLWGS Alum and graphic designer

  • Website - Process posts and summer project document and send me a link to your website. - update (1 hour)

  • Sketchbook- (30 minutes)

  • Please apply to one of the "opportunities">>>

Day 1

  • "Draw every day"- 5 minute warm up sketch

  • Review of weekly agenda and website expectations (process posts!)

  • Proj. #1 Planning day- Thumbnails and declare Fine Arts or Commericial Arts path. Critiques begin Oct. 2

  • Summer Project Critiques have been shared with you.

  • Get work ready to hang- Take upstairs

  • Hand out sketchbooks

Day 2

  • "Draw every day"- 5 minute warm up sketch

  • Proj. #1- Studio Day

Day 3

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