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Summer Regional Gov. School for Visual Arts

The Governor's School for Visual & Performing Arts is a residential summer program for some of the commonwealth’s most outstanding high school musicians, artistist, dancers, and performers who come to Radford for an artistically challenging, university-level immersion in the Arts. Each year our Directors and Program Coordinators line up amazing talent, programs, courses, faculty, and guest artists for the Residential Governor's School for the Visual & Performing Arts.

The four-week residential program will also include opportunities for recreation, field trips, concerts, guest lectures, movies, student performances, and more. To help guide programming, we select a theme. The 2018 theme is “Building Social Capital" !

Students interested in being considered for nomination should complete this short form by Nov. 7th.

Since we can only submit one nominee from our school, please confirm that if selected, you would be able to follow through with participating in the program. Students who have completed the short form will be contacted after Nov. 7th, to hold interviews with the fine art dept. chair. The final nominee will be submitted to our guidance office by Nov. 14th.

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