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Week #22


  • Lunchtime lecture this Thursday!

  • Websites - Process post- (10 minutes)

  • Begin to bring in still life objects.

  • Sketchbook - Curiosity pages- Russian Art - Only one two-page spread required.

  • Home project planning- Xtreme RVA landscape challange- create a painting inspired in some capacity by Richmond's landscape. These can be realistic, abstract or non-objective. Take pictures and sketch. (45 minutes)

Day 1

  • Continue intro. to oil paint.

  • Finish canvas prep.

Day 2

  • Introduction to underpainting

Day 3 - Updated!!!

  • Spotlight artists! TWO!! - Still life Duane Keiser and Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud

1. Read pages 2-7 of the Scholastic Art magazines (copies included)

2. Answer the questions on the handout in your sketchbook.

Duane Keiser

1. First Explore the work of Duane Keiser at his website

Duane Keiser

2. Watch this video.

3. Now watch this video.

4. Pick a still-life work from his site and copy it's composition in your sketchbook.

5. Answer the following questions about Duane Keiser's work.

-What are some characteristics of his still-life work?

-Many of his still life paintings have a central compostion. How does he resolve the composition so that this works?

-How has technology, especially video affected his art?

-Can you tell anything about the time of day in his works? How?

- Why do you think he chooses the objects he does?

- How are his works similar to those of Wayne Thiebaud?

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